LOVE is the only universal law, the one that really does make sense of life itself...
No matter if it is straight or gay, what does really matter is the feeling...

The main joy of marriage is the act itself!! Standing in front of your loving family and friends publicly declaring your love is the most powerful step one can take.

The act of saying "I DO" crystallizes a relationship in a way that by saying "I love you" before bedtime every night, just doesn't do!



Wedding ProposalMany foreign same sex couples choose to marry in their home Country, where equal law grants same-sex marriage, and then come to our enchanting city to have a romantic celebration, enjoying all the magic that Venice has to offer.

I take immense pride and pleasure in planning and celebrating a gay or lesbian wedding.
I feel blessed every time a couple comes to me and lets me take part in their beautiful love story...

My mission is to plan the wedding of their dreams and provide long lasting memories they will cherish and remember forever.

Weekend events

Elope in Venice for an intimate and romantic celebration for 2!

A ceremony that is deeply symbolic of your love and faith.
The exchange of your vows are a vital part of your wedding ceremony, second only to the words "I DO".
Your love story is unique, so your committment ceremony has to be unique as well! It will be a memorable weekend tailored specifically to you!
We will be by your side every step of the way and happy to help your guests have a memorable stay in Venice.

For the sword outwears its sheath,
and the soul wears out the breast,
and the heart must pause for breath,
and love itself have rest

Lord Byron
(historical resident of Venice)


Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner? the proposal counts!!
It will be exciting to get down your knee and pop out the question in the most romantic city of the world...
Your future spouse will be amazed by the romantic setting that only Venice can offer you.

...I went off to the Quay of San Basegio on the Zattere to see the Knight of the Round Table. It was getting dusk and I was just in time to see his lissome muscular figure come dancing down the long plank from the ship with his last sack of dried lily flowers silhouetted against the sunset...

From "The Gay Love Letters" of F. W. Rolfe, Baron Corvo